Colorado Online Horse Betting in 2021

Colorado Online Horse Betting

In Colorado online horse betting is highly rated with wagers placed via horse betting apps as well as on-track. With only one track, the majority of wagers are done via an off-track betting site. Gambling laws allow for the dog as well as ponies with full-fledged casinos offering races, while online betting markets boom with races. In Colorado’s third-largest city, you will find the lone and only track where ponies are run and attracting thousands to each of its races. The vast majority of its races are from off-track establishments attracting the majority of its wagering. With a trip to Colorado’s only track not always a possibility, online horse racing betting remains a favorite. We look at Colorado Online Sports Betting in 2021 and which trusted sites are best to place your wagers.

Best Site for Horse Betting in Colorado

Twinspires Is the Best for Real Money Sports Betting in Colorado

Twinspires Is the Best for Real Money Sports Betting in Colorado


TVG Online Racebook

TVG Online Racebook


Xpressbet For Real Money Sports Betting in Colorado

Xpressbet For Real Money Sports Betting in Colorado



Colorado Online Horse Betting Laws

From 50 US states, 41 feature off-track betting at trusted sites. The 1978 Interstate Horseracing Act enabled tracks to broadcast leading races including World Championships of Thoroughbred Horse Racing and thousands of others. An amendment was made in 2000, with internet and phone wagering allowed which pretty much made online horse racing betting completely legal. Colorado Online Horse Betting thrived even though this state only has one track with online racing always a firm favorite especially with mobile apps increasing. Horse betting law had a requirement that interstate wagering is included making it possible for punters to wager on much more than local races.

Online Horse Betting Sites in Colorado

Seabrook Park Racebook

Colorado Online Horse Betting

Seabrook Park Racebook features thoroughbred, greyhound as well as harness racing. Those who cannot do Kentucky Derby betting at its track settle for its excellent racebook.


Colorado Online Horse Betting

BetAmerica is one of few online platforms where you can place a legal wager on horse races in Colorado as well as access its legal casino games as well as legal sports betting. Here the Kentucky Derby was available since 1875 under the ownership of Churchill Downs Incorporated. Marquee events around the world as well as local with exclusive features and flexible wagering options including advanced handicapping are available at this industry leader.


Colorado Online Horse Betting

Using the WATCHTVG promo code, punters get bonus deals like $100 free when depositing $100. As both US plus international online live betting providers, players have more than 150 tracks to choose from. Get free handicapping info, video streaming, live odds, past performance configurations plus plenty more features with this app. Virtually all tracks are covered including New Zealand, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia plus Dubai. This established platform is one of Colorado’s and the USA’s punter favorites.


Colorado Online Horse Betting

Xpressbet offers a $100 bonus to new players with an excellent app for Android as well as iPhone players. It is a prominent advance deposit wagering platform for horse races online from around the globe as well as the USA. As a former affiliate of TVG 2, Xpressbet is Preakness Stakes’ official online partner offering wagering across all devices including telephone. More than 300 tracks are covered by this top platform that also has video streaming, live odds plus live wagering offers, results as well as a video replay.


Colorado Online Horse Betting

Twinspires is known globally as a wagering service where multiple off-track betting races around the world are broadcasted simultaneously.  It is an official wagering platform of Churchill Downs as well as the Kentucky Derby where punters globally bet on thoroughbred, quarter, and other animals. Races held elsewhere are wagered on via its TwinSpires app or electronic gaming machines. Players can begin placing wagers as soon as seasons start for races like Breeder’s Cup, Belmont Stakes as well as Triple Crown to name a few.

How Does Horse Betting Work?

Punters access a horse betting platform to check out ponies as well as important statistics that will inform them how well an animal did over particular distances and at which courses before they start wagering online. These are important to see if an animal has potential at a track. These odds also tell a punter a lot about how well placed it is. Choose the animal followed by the type of horse bets, for example, for a win, place, etc. Place the bet by wagering an amount on it.

Types of Bets to Place in Colorado Online Horse Betting

Straight Bets

  • Win – the most basic where you choose a winner
  • Place – punters decide that a horse will be second or first
  • Show – it can place in either of the top 3 places

Combination Straight Bets

  • Across the Board – one wager on one horse to finish in either of three top spots. Except where you collect the highest amount when the pony comes 1st when it comes 2nd you collect twice and when it comes 3rd you only collect one wager
  • Win/Place – a double wager for it to finish second or first
  • Place/Show – second or third place are potential winning wagers

Exotic Bets

  • Exacta – pick animals that will be first and second
  • Quinella – similar to exacta except here two are picked for the two top spots, but the one with lower odds to be placed 1st while the favorite set as second place
  • Trifecta– pick an exact order in which they will finish in the 3 top spots
  • Superfecta – pick the exact order that 4 animals would be finishing from 1st through to 4th

Exotic Bets on Multiple Races

These are not wagers that novices attempt but popular for seasoned punters for their intricacy but high profitability. The aim is to gain several instances on a single picket but more than one potential outcome. You cannot have a single losing wager and work similarly to a parlay in sports betting. Here two common wagers are boxing as well as wheeling. Each with their own difficulties. With boxing, a player picks an additional horse or two in the wager to cover for potential legs that are out which makes it an expensive wager. When choosing to wheel an exotic on multiple races, the payout is increased as a specific winner is chosen.

History of Horse Racing in Colorado

Legal horse betting in Colorado started in earnest with the legalization of pari-mutual betting in 1950. Platforms that feature prominent racing started in 1991 in Colorado with the approval of limited stakes gambling by the government of Colorado. Looking at reliable horse betting sites in Colorado in 2020, there are 9 different platforms to list this popular wagering and punters can begin placing bets. There are numerous other legal off-track locations scattered throughout the Centennial State.

Arapahoe Park

orse Racing In Colorado

On Aurora, Colorado is the lone racetrack in Arapahoe County, Arapaho Park around 40 miles from Denver, where racing is predominantly during the summer months. Around 40 races are run only on 1 of 3 specific days, Mondays or over weekends, Saturday or Sunday while the times are exact too, 1 p.m. Arapahoe Park had its 1st race in 1984 with Easy Bloom the first-ever winner of the track in a time of 1 minute, 00.4 seconds across the 1-mile dirt track. It remains a dirt track with an average purse of just over $70, 000. The biggest races here feature quarter horses with sprinting distances of 400 yards and less.

Biggest Horse Races at Arapahoe Park

  • Cherry Creek Futurity: This race is aimed at 2-year-olds and runs over a distance of 330 yards. It takes only 17 seconds for the winner to reach a finish line in the race that is in early June each year. It has a purse of $96.000.
  • Mile High Derby: Around mid-august each year this derby attracts thousand of punters to watch 3-year-olds crossing the finish line over 400 yards. It has a $100, 000 purse
  • Arapahoe Park Classic: Another 3-year-old thoroughbred race with a purse of $100, 00o
  • Mile High Futurity: This is the highlight of the track with a purse of $160, 000. It is a 400-yard race run by quarter animals of ages 2 years and older
  • Gold Rush Futurity: With a $100, 000 purse some of the country’s top sprinting talents are found here. Two-year-old compete across a six furlongs distance.

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What’s the age requirement?
Casino gambling requires that players be 21 and older while sportsbooks have the same age requirement. Horse wagers require punters to be a minimum of 18-years old, which makes it difficult as most horse betting is found on sportsbooks.
Will a credit/debit card work to deposit funds?
Yes, you can use debit as well as credit cards at casinos, off-track as well as online sportsbooks. The gambling market is clouded with doubt from banks to continue accepting cash from casinos therefore is it wise to check first with local banks.
Who can bet at horse betting?
You don’t have to live in a state where wagering is legal as long as you are within state lines when registering and placing a wager. Non-residents of a state like Colorado can wager at any one of the Colorado sportsbooks.
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