Colorado Esports Online Betting: Everything You Need to Know

Published: Nov 9, 2020 Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Esports betting is earning a huge surge in popularity in various states of the United States since its launch. Additionally, due to the current pandemic situation, the Colorado Esports betting websites have seen massive growth in the number of players in a shorter span.

Colorado is the 19th state to legalize online betting in May 2020. This article explains everything about the top-rated and trustworthy websites, live betting, welcome bonus, tips, esports betting apps, and many other aspects. The main objective of this article is to guide players to place bets and win them. In Colorado, the legal sports gambling age is at least 21 years. Due to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) restriction, the Colorado state legislature needed a referendum. A bill was passed by 20,000 votes in 2019, leading to the legalization of esports.

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    Top Esports Betting Sites in Colorado

    Draftkings DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

    Draftkings DFS Betting Review & Promo Code


    FanDuel DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

    FanDuel DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

    Bet365 Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code

    Bet365 Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code



    The Best Esports CO Betting Sites

    A detailed description of the top and most reputed online esports websites in Colorado are:


    Best Esports Betting Sites

    Launched in 2020, DraftKings Colorado legal esports betting website has a license from Twin River Worldwide Holdings. Known to be the sixth DraftKings site, and it is planning to open a retail sports betting lounge, located at Mardi Gras Casino Black Hawk. Newbie signups get $20 in free play while signing up through desktop and $25 free for mobile users. Get up to $1025 free sign-up bonus and $500 free bet. There is no promo code required to get the offers, and soon after login, players can bet on.


    Colorado Esports Betting Sites is the fifth state where FanDuel’s online sportsbook is launched. Sports fans have access to Betting on Esports online like NBA, NFL, and MLB. Additionally, they also have the opportunity to test their knowledge in the sports sector in the daily “ANYTHINGBOOK” quiz. Playing on it can also get bettors to win some prizes, and users can build parlays for the same game.

    Being launched on 1st May 2020 and the developer of FanDuel is GAN/IGT. It offers a risk-free bet of $1000, and a player gets a refund of up to $1000 after placing their first bet. No promo code is required to avail of the perks as when you sign up; you will get all of it.


    Best Esports Betting Sites

    Partnered with Century Casino, the top CO esports betting site, Bet365 will soon launch its app in Colorado. Presently, a bettor can sign up for free to earn ten base points at Century Casino Players Club. You can get a bonus of up to $100, and the promo code to be used is NJGAMBLER.


    Founded in May, and Betrivers developer is Rush Street Interactive and is partnered with JP McGills Casino. At BetRivers retail sportsbook, you can place your bets on events like NBA2K, DOTA 2, LOL, CS:GO, and several other games. The promo code you need to use here is RIVERSBONUS250; get a deposit bonus of $250 for signing up. Players also have the feasibility to place Esports odds on golf, soccer, and football. For BetRivers players, a free app is available offering daily promotions, in-play Esports betting, streaming live sports, etc.

    How to Watch Esports in Colorado?

    Esports Tournaments can be watched in various popular streaming channels, making it easier for bettors and enthusiasts to sign up for free. They can comfortably watch the match from anywhere and support their favorite players or teams. Different places where you can watch the matches are Smashcast, Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Live Gaming, GoodGame, Dailymotion Game, and Facebook.

    Esports vs. Sports Betting

    While traditional sports and Colorado Esports betting are structured similarly, many traditional sports do not have a matching system. They are decided on a single game. But in most Esports betting in Colorado, it is decided by match, permitting more intricate betting. Compared to traditional sports, online Esports betting sites CO has various other factors. In online gambling, you can bet on handicaps and win the first point. In short, there is more room for winning, and also multiple bets are there to place. Esports are more dependent on the luck factor. For example, a better football team must win every time, but it is not true. Esports also has a more winning percentage due to RNG, making esports betting easier.

    Colorado Esports Bets

    Some of the popular online sportsbooks for Esports bets or play real money contests are:

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

    CS: GO, also named Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting where teams of five players go against each other. They compete either for claiming victory by eliminating all the team’s opposition members or by completing a goal. The CS:GO tournament includes the ESL Pro League, BLAST premier events, ESL one events, CS: GO major championship, and many more.

    League of Legends

    Colorado Esports Bets

    League of Legends is a bet to be played on teams with five players and is known as a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Each player needs to select from a table of champions that has a certain set of skills. Players use the skills which help them in winning games. While teams battle in the game, bettors can also earn gold based on performance. The gold can be used to purchase items, enhancements, ability to help the team get successful. Top LoL tournaments are Spring Split, LoL World championship, Mid-season invitational.


    It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game where two teams consisting of six players go against each other. The Overwatch design is more or less like CS:GO, even though it’s based on a more futuristic theme. Every bettor can select a roster containing 32 characters who have definite skill sets. The top Overwatch tournaments are the Overwatch world cup and the Overwatch world league.

    Dota 2

    Colorado Esports Bets

    Similar to League of Legends, Dota 2 is a MOBA game featuring a team of five players. Here also, the objective is to either defeat its opponents or to outwit on the map. A collection of 119 heroes is available for each team from which players need to pick and start the game. Each hero has their skills and is used by players to win against their opponents. The popular Dota 2 tournaments are EPICENTER, Dota Pro Circuit, DreamLeague, Dota 2 Majors, ESL One, etc.

    Call of Duty

    Here players go against each other as a team and are a first-person shooter series of games. Call of Duty is also similar to overwatch and CS:GO, and players can defeat their opponents differently.

    Rocket League

    Mostly, it is described as a futuristic soccer game and is more like a video game. To defeat your opponents, you need to score goals here. RLCS Season, Spring Series, Intel World Open Finals are top rocket league tournaments.

    Type of Bets in Colorado Esports

    Various types of Esports championship odds are there in legal Esports Betting Sites in Colorado. To bet on individual Esports games, you need to first understand each of them explained here:

    • bettingPoint Spread: By a certain number of goals or points, teams are favored to win, and in the point spread, players can choose their respective odds with an underdog or favorite. It is the most popular type of bet in basketball and football games.
    • Moneyline: Here you need a straight-up bet on the team to win a game where the Colorado Esports Moneyline betting site sets the odds. No odds and point spreads are skewed on which team is favored and is a common wager for NHL and MLB betting.
    • Over/under: It is also known as totals and includes wagering on goals and points to score in a game. To win totals, pick either under or over offered by the Colorado real money betting sites.
    • Futures: It is wagering placed on a player or a team, but the results are declared in the future. Some examples of futures are winning the super bowl during or before the NFL season, etc.
    • Parlay: It is a wager containing multiple games, winning, and a player requires winning each of them. In a parlay, more teams indicate higher odds and more payout.
    • Round Robin: Alike to parlay bets, but you do not need to win all of them, and it is less risky. Additionally, it offers lesser rewards compared to parlay.
    • Teasers: This wager allows to adjust the point spread in a match and is often used in parlays for reduced odds.
    • Prop-bets: It is a situation happening between the game tenure, but the result is not dependent on it.

    CO Betting Tips

    The rise of mobile esports betting Colorado indicates how players look for various tips to win wagers. Seeing the players’ crazy, here are some tips that can help them place a wager on esports futures markets:

    • Picking the right sportsbook: Since Colorado has recently come up with esports betting sites in the USA, there are not many websites available. But still, ensure that you pick up a licensed and regulated website to place bets. A trustworthy website is a must to win bets and for fair play.
    • Check the bonuses: Before placing the bets, check the bonuses offered by the top operators. Different websites have different bonuses and promotions and ensure that you look at them before you sign up. Otherwise, you will start losing them if you place without having any knowledge.
    • Fix your limits: Ensure that you set your limits and place your bets accordingly. Bet on that amount which you can afford to lose. It would be better if you can start with lower bets and go with the bigger risks.
    • Diversify your bets: Being a sports bettor, you should diversify your bets as it helps you to make more money. Sticking in one form of bets might, at times, make it boring, and you may not win every time. That’s why; look for a variety of bets, understand them, and place accordingly.

    Welcome Bonuses in Colorado Online Esports Betting

    Different sportsbooks offer various welcome bonuses, and they may not be the same.

    Signup Bonuses

    Signup BonusesWhen a newbie enrolls for the first time, they get a welcome bonus, which can be used to place their bets. Some of the examples of signup bonuses are a deposit match-up, a free bet, etc.

    First-time Deposit Bonuses

    It is the most popular bonus for newcomers, and after making the initial deposit, you will get the remaining or full amount. But the bonus amount needs to be used within a specific time limit.

    Latest News Regarding Colorado Esports

    CHSAA has started pilot Esports as a competitive activity since 2019-20. Presently, it is available for the Rocket League and League of Legends. The Fall 2020 pre-season is beginning from 15th September, the regular season starts from 15th October, playoffs begin from 30th November, and championships are starting from 11th December. Also, due to coronavirus lockdown, Esports saw an increase in the numbers and is already a multi-dollar industry. According to a report, in the United States, the Esports betting market is expected to hit by $13 million before many states have legalized it.

    Final Notes

    Colorado has various online wagering options, and with time, many more online gambling websites will also turn up. With all the above information, you should try placing bets if you have never done it before. The process of how to bet on Esports, various betting types, and every other information is mentioned here.

    Read more about legal optinos for online betting in Colorado:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it legal to bet on Esports online in Colorado?
    Yes, it is legal to bet on Esports online in Colorado.
    How can I find odds for Esports betting in Colorado?
    To find odds for Esports betting Colorado, you can visit the website when you want to play.
    What are the most popular Esports events to bet on in Colorado?
    The League of Legend World Championship is the most popular esports event to bet on in Colorado.
    Can I win real money with betting on Esports in Colorado?
    Yes, you can win real money with betting on Esports in Colorado.
    What is the biggest tournament in the Esports industry?
    The League of Legend World Championship is the biggest tournament in the Esports industry.

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