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Published: Nov 13, 2020 Updated: Jan 4, 2022

NHL regular season

In 2019, a piece of good news came for all Colorado citizens when the authorities made online sports betting legal in the state for everyone above the age of 21. It was observed after this declaration that most of the bettors were interested in wagering on the NHL, which is North America’s professional league of ice hockey. The primary reason for this demand was the popularity of the sport in Colorado.

Ever since the NHL was formed in 1917, it has always been a preferred sport for a lot of people of America and Canada. So when the online betting facility came in, they took advantage of it and made huge money. In case you still haven’t tried your luck at Colorado NHL betting, it’s time that you get your hands on it.

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    Best CO Online Sports Betting Sites

    BetRivers Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code

    BetRivers Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code


    FanDuel DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

    FanDuel DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

    Bet365 Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code

    Bet365 Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code



    We have created this comprehensive guide to assist you with the same. It will help you understand how you can begin wagering on hockey from the comfort of your home and generate massive profits from it.

    Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

    The Best CO Online Sports Betting Sites

    To make the most out of your hockey betting experience, you need to opt for the correct online sportsbooks. For this purpose, various factors like security, licenses, bonuses, and banking options, have to be checked. But don’t worry because we have collected some of the top names in the market for you. You can go through the given list and check which one suits you the best.


    At DraftKings, you begin your journey with an enormous welcome package of up to $1000. Plus, a fixed amount of $25 will get deposited into your account on registration. No promo codes have to be used for the same. But this isn’t the only reason why many bettors prefer this wagering site. Other factors like the most reliable security practices and various banking options make the platform even more beneficial.


    Online Sports Betting Sites In ColoradoFanDuel is the name that you will always hear with every mention of online sportsbooks in the state of Colorado. This platform is considered to be one of the trusted names because of two reasons:

    • It has been working in the domain for a long time.
    • It has been regulated by the authorities of every state in which it operates.

    Apart from that, the betting site also offers a risk-free bet of up to $1000 to all new users. Therefore, you can easily explore it without the fear of losses.


    The launch date of Bet365 in the state of Colorado is still to be announced. But based on its work in other US states, we can say that it is a great betting platform for all new and old bettors. The exciting factor about the site is that you can begin your betting journey with a small amount of $10. Plus, you can avail yourself of the risk-free bet of up to $100. So you can wait until it enters the region, and then begin wagering.

    William Hill

    Online Sports Betting Sites In ColoradoIf you are looking for the largest CO retail sportsbook, then William Hill is your destination. The site welcomes you with a sign-up amount of $10 and a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $150. For this, you need to use the “LEGAL150” promo code. You can use the amount to make the different types of available bets. There is also a range of banking options available on the platform. So you can conveniently deposit or withdraw your real money.

    Points Bet

    The welcome bonus amount on Points Bet depends on the money you deposit. Three available alternatives in this are:

    • $50 deposit > $150 bet
    • $150 deposit > $300 bet
    • $250 deposit > $500 bet

    Hence, the more you deposit, the better benefit you get. For other promotional offers, you can check out the sportsbook’s “Promos” page. The deposit can be made easily using cards or eChecks.


    Along with the site, BetRivers also offer CO mobile sports betting for convenient wagering from anywhere in the state. Under its welcome package, you can get up to $250 of a 100% match deposit bonus. But with its new users, BetRivers also takes care of its existing ones. Therefore, you can get several benefits from the sportsbook’s loyalty program throughout your betting journey.

    MGM Sportsbook

    betMGM sportsbookBy making your first deposit on the platform, you can get a 100% match bonus for up to $500. However, the list of rewards doesn’t end here. If you regularly wager on the MGM sportsbook, you can get free $10 every week. For more benefits, you can enter the loyalty program of the site. The site also provides you with several banking options like cards, PayPal, and PayNearMe.

    These real money betting sites in Colorado can ask you for your social security number for verification and safety. You need not worry about anything while providing them with the details because the authorities have licensed all these sportsbooks. 

    Types of Bets for CO NHL Wagering

    From the given information, you can easily pick one of the sportsbooks as per your preferences. However, the real struggle begins when you start betting on them because you get exposed to several types of wagers placed on a hockey game. To make it a little straightforward for you, we have explained some of the common NHL bet types.

    • Puck Line: These are similar to the usual point spread bets where you need to predict the winning or losing team. If the winning team’s puck line is kept at -1.5, they must take a lead of at least two goals to make you win. In case their puck line is at +1.5, they can win by any goals or lose by just one.
    • Totals: In these bets, you need to predict whether the game’s total score will get over or remain under a predetermined number. As per your prediction, you can place an Over or an Under bet.
    • Moneyline: In Moneyline bet, you just have to pick the winning team and place your wager on them. These bets get placed on Moneyline NHL hockey odds. There you will find two terms: Favorites and Underdogs. The prior one indicates the amount that has to be wagered to receive a $100 profit. On the other hand, the latter depicts how much you can win for every $100 bet.
    • Futures: You can also place a wager on NHL futures markets. Under these, you can predict the winning team of the Stanley Cup, a division, or a conference. These bets are made during the offseason. Hence, you will have to look for them accordingly.
    • Parlays: If you want to get massive prizes, Parlays are the correct bet for you. In these, you need to compile two or more types of wagers, making them a single high-paying bet. But remember that both options should stand true for you to win a Parlay. Therefore, it won’t be easy to achieve the reward of this bet.
    • Prop Bets: Proposition bets are made on the events that may take place during the hockey game. Usually, they are based on the statistical achievements of teams or players in a particular match. For example, a yes or no prop bet can be made on a specific Avalanche player scoring a goal.
    • Teasers: These are just like the Parlays wagers, except for the fact that you get teaser points here. You can use these points to alter the bet values, hence, increasing your chances of winning. But even if one of the wagers is lost, the entire teaser is considered a loss. So there is a high-risk factor associated with it.

    Some of the sportsbooks also offer a feature of live betting where you get a chance of in-play NHL betting. You can opt for them for a more exciting hockey wagering experience. 

    When is the NHL Legal Sports Betting in CO Biggest?

    Bets For NHLIt is crucial to understand the markets of NHL betting so that you can place wagers at the right time and win big. A few times when the NHL betting market gets a boost are mentioned here.

    Regular Season

    The NHL’s regular season hosts several games every year. This provides an excellent opportunity to watch your favorite team (Avalanche) compete with other teams. You can easily place bets on them according to their gameplay and odds. Most of the bettors stay active during the entire season to make huge benefits.

    Stanley Cup Playoffs

    If the regular season seems prolonged and dull to you, you can also wait for the postseason tournament, i.e., the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This elimination tournament experiences a massive betting crowd. But as teams get out of the playoff, people start losing interest. So the wagering market sees a sharp hype at the beginning, which shrinks with time.

     NHL Stanley Cup Finals 

    The finals of the Stanley Cup again see a large crowd betting on their preferred team to win. Many of these also hold futures bets that get revealed at the end of the match. So the excitement levels are high during the entire game.

    NHL All-star Game

    This event occurs within the regular series, where each team gets their star players in the competition. The game’s primary objective is to fund the players’ pension funds. As the best players compete against each other, these games are thrilling to watch. Bettors also find these a great opportunity to get some winnings in their accounts.

    Tips for Betting on NHL in Colorado

    Being new to NHL online betting, you may end up losing a significant amount while placing wrong bets. We have brought some tips that can be followed to avoid this loss and increase your chances of winning.

    Do Your Analysis

    All sports fans know how crucial it is to watch the previous or current matches to understand the game, teams, and players. Many people try to keep the records in their hands. This isn’t a good strategy because they aren’t aware of how exactly the team reached those numbers. Therefore, you should try to watch as many matches as possible, and do your analysis accordingly.

    Increase Your Knowledge About the Teams and Players

    A player’s performance may depend on what is going on in their personal or professional lives. That is why you have to keep yourself updated with all the information on them. The best way to do this is by reading all the latest news generated by their assigned journalists and bloggers. Through this data, it will become more convenient for you to see the direction of a specific game. Thus, you can make better decisions.

    Look For Goaltender’s Line-up

    The whole game can turn directions if a team decides to change their goalie. That is why you should check with the line-up to see who will be supporting the team on a particular day. When each team plays two to four matches every week, they tend to rest starting goaltenders in the backup’s favor. This may happen once a week. So you should try to keep your eyes on the goalie to place appropriate bets.

    Give Importance to the Location of Game

    NHLWhen you sit at your home and watch the game on your screen, the game’s actual location may be the last concern for you. However, this factor can actually affect your bets. You need to look at whether the teams are playing in their homeland or away from it. Usually, teams play better at home. Hence, your decisions should make decisions after carefully considering this point.

    Apart from these hockey-specific tips, you should also remember to bet responsibly. For this, you can keep a wagering amount separate and stop whenever it gets over. It will assist you in avoiding over-expenditure or significant losses.

    Latest News on NHL for Colorado Sports Fans

    We all know how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the sports industry. Hockey doesn’t stand any different in it. The regular season of 2019-2020 has already been canceled. However, they plan to expand the usual 12-team setup of playoffs into a new 24-team setup. So you can expect more games in the upcoming Stanley Cup Playoffs.


    Hockey has always been a popular sport in the state of Colorado. But it is finally time to turn your fun sport into a beneficial one. You can use various provided online sportsbooks to bet on NHL, making huge profits from the correct predictions. You can follow the provided tips and install the best Colorado sports betting app to make the entire wagering process more convenient. But always keep a check on how much you are spending on betting because it can be quite overwhelming.

    Read more about legal optinos for online betting in Clorado:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is It Legal To Bet On NHL Online In CO?
    As per the 2019 changes in rules of online betting in Colorado, wagering on NHL online has been made legal. You can place several types of bets and win massive real money legally.
    How To Bet On NHL Playoffs In Colorado?
    You can pick any top online sportsbooks, register on it, and start betting on the NHL playoffs. With these online platforms, you can also get several bonuses and promotions.
    How To Bet On The NHL All-star Game?
    Just like Playoffs, this can be done through an online sportsbook. You can find a variety of bets on them. Therefore, you can wager according to your choice.
    How Old Should I Be To Bet On The NHL In Colorado?
    You need to be at least 21 years old in order to bet on the NHL legally in Colorado. For the assurance of your age, online sportsbooks can ask for some verification and proofs.
    What Is The Best CO Site To Bet On NHL?
    The top names in the wagering domain are DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM Sportsbook, Bet365, etc. You can go through their reviews and check which one fits the best in your requirements.

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