How to Bet on Kentucky Derby in Colorado (2022 Sportsbook)

Published: Nov 18, 2020 Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Colorado has a lot of legal sportsbooks that allow players to bet on their favorite horse. The voters, through a Centennial State, made an approval on legal sports betting in 2019. Colorado residents can place their bets from the comfort of their homes.

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    Best Sportsbooks for Betting on Kentucky Derby in Colorado

    DraftKings Sportsbook

    DraftKings Sportsbook


    TVG Online Racebook

    TVG Online Racebook


    FanDuel Sportsbook

    FanDuel Sportsbook



    Colorado has a lot of legal sportsbooks that allow players to bet on their favorite horse. The voters, through a Centennial State, approved legal sports betting in 2019. Colorado residents can place their bets from the comfort of their homes.

    The Colorado betting market in just four months achieved a significant milestone. The Kentucky Derby pools, whether on a large scale or moderate one, have become an institution in Colorado. For starters, yes, it is possible in Colorado, to place wagers on the Kentucky Derby. The sportsbooks that allow these possibilities, the types of Kentucky Derby Markets, exotic bets, odds to make a win, and many others are all exposed in this article.

    New players or perhaps, seasoned players in Colorado that have not perfected the art of the Kentucky bets, can learn a lot from this review.  Generally, Colorado players need to go through this because it could really improve winning chances. The more information that is available, the better the gambling. The Kentucky bets explained here are very easy to understand.

    Kentucky Derby History and Background in Colorado

    How To Bet On Kentucky Derby In Colorado

    In Colorado, we talk about a top rank race for thoroughbred horses. Mostly referred to as the “best two minutes in sports”. That’s the Kentucky Derby horse race. People in Colorado are all ready, creating a festive and entertaining atmosphere concerning the derby parties in the state.

    The distance of the race is one and a quarter-mile. The run is made on the dirt racetrack. The location is at Louisville, Churchill Downs. Some Colts and geldings carry 124 pounds in the race while fillies carry 121 pounds also.

    The competition is for 20 horses. Compared to some other horse races, it is way bigger and better. The pattern the race follows is incredible. First, the set of horses, 20 in number, have to travel by road to the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is a series of races, 35 races to be precise, and it takes place on the tracks throughout the country and at large the world.

    The horses with the most points are selected, usually the four with the most points, they are considered as the top four. These four would secure a spot in the starting gate, then the Kentucky Derby race begins. $2 million is the set prize.

    The Kentucky Derby has become an institution. No one forgets or misses the date, nor the location at Churchill Downs. This game begins in May of every year, every Saturday since it all began. A crowd of about 200,000 fans is always present to cheer the riders.

    For history purposes, the Kentucky Derby began in 1875. At that time, the inaugural was won by Aristides. It was won by over one and a half miles, recorded as Derby’s distance up until another was set at one and a quarter-mile.

    Regret was the first filly to win the Derby in 1915 and owner Harry Payne made a remarkable statement about her victory. He said, “he doesn’t mind if she can make another win, regardless, she has won the biggest race in the history of America, and he was glad she did”. Coming from an owner, this statement was indeed powerful and to a very large extent, comforting to her.

    Types of Kentucky Derby Bets

    Colorado players that want to know the type of bet they can place at the Kentucky Derby going down in Churchill Downs can find such information here. There is a wide collection of bet types to select from, so horse-players can make good choices.

    Standard Wagers

    This wager involves win, place, or show wagers. These wagers are the three most traditional forms of betting. No other wager is more basic than these three, for players who would love to place a bet on a single horse or top pick.

    Win Bet

    This is a very straightforward kind of wager. If a player picks a horse that wins the races, he gets the prize. The horse has to win the race for your wager to be considered a winner.

    Place Bet

    Horse RacingFor players who are not certain about the win bet, they can fall back on the place bet. The place bets embody two opinions. In simplicity, the place bets allow a player to make a win if his pick finishes among the top two race winners. First or second, the player goes home with the prize.

    Show Bet

    This is similar to the place bet but different because it allows the possibility of a third option. The player wins if his choice to win the race is among the first, second, or third winners.

    Among these three, the Win Bet has the highest payoff due to the difficulty in predicting the winner. In the same manner, the show bet has the least payout.

    Exotic Wagers

    Here, the player can easily bet on two or more horses. This can be done in a single race or carried out across several races. This wager is more difficult than the standard wagers, although the payout is lucrative. A player can place this wager because it could increase the odds of winning although it would cost more to place such a wager across different races.

    The exotic wagers can be broken down into two groups. The single race exotics and the multi-race exotics. The single-race exotics include:

    Exacta Bet

    bettingThis wager suggests that the player picks the top two winners in the right order. The amount for wager here varies from one track to the next. This bet is more difficult than the traditional win, place, and show bets yet have a higher payout. The wager is simple, bet on two horses to finish first and second. The wager is won only when the horse finishes the race in the exact order you selected them.

    A player can ‘box’ his or her wager. A box wager means that the game is played regardless of which horse finishes first or second.


    This wager is not that known by players. It exists, but it is a less common type of bet that is only available at a few tracks. We could refer to it as a simplified exacta. The player selects his top two choices for a win, but the win can take place in no particular order among the two horses.


    With this wager comes another twist to the whole wager story. Here, the minimum bet amount is 50 cents, and the players get to pick their top three choices for a win in the right order. This wager has a higher payout because of its difficulty.

    The horses have to finish in the particular order you placed them for the bet to be successful.


    The minimum amount for this wager is 10 cents. Four horses are selected in a particular order on how they would finish the race.

    Super Hi-Five

    This is a top-notch risk. There are just a few bettors who can select the top five finishers in the right order. However, if you think you are capable of making the prediction, then the super Hi-Five is just for you. There is no certain minimum amount; it simply varies.

    The Multi-Race Exotics Include

    • Double – Here, all the bettor has to do is make a selection of the winners of back-to-back horse races. $1 – $2 is the minimum wager assigned to this bet.
    • Pick 3 – The minimum cash spent here is between 50 cents and a dollar. The players select the winner of three straight games.
    • Pick 4 – Fours winners are selected here for a minimum value of 50 cents
    • Pick 5 – In like manner, the player selects the top five winners in a row. The difficulty in this task is the reason for the hefty payoff. The minimum amount here is still 50 cents
    • Pick 6 – Here, things are quite different. The minimum requirement is 20 cents. The goal of this bet is the same as others but different in numbers. Six horses are picked to be the winners of the race.

    Top Sportsbooks for Betting on Kentucky Derby in Colorado

    These are the best sports betting sites in Colorado

    Sportsbook  Bonuses  Promo code 
    DraftKings Sign up bonus of $1,025

    $25 free no deposit

    Free bet up to $500

    No promo code needed
    FanDuel $200 risk-free bet

    $25 as bonus credit =

    No promo code
    Bet365 Sign up bonus

    $200 free bets

    William Hill $150 free bets WHGAMBLER150
    Points Bet $150 in free bets DERBY6
    BetRivers $250 free bets 250MATCH
    MGM Sportsbook Up to $500 match up deposit PLAYBONUS

    Odds to Win the Kentucky Derby

    The following Kentucky Derby odds in CO are important for a player who chooses to increase his chances of winning.

    Horse  Odds
    Tiz the Law 3-5
    Authentic 8-1
    Ny Traffic 20-1
    Honor A.P 5-1
    Thousand Words 15-1
    Enforceable 30-1
    Max Player 30-1
    King Guillermo 20-1
    Money Moves 30-1
    Sole Volante 30-1
    Major Fed 50-1
    South Bend 50-1
    Mr. Big News 50-1
    Finnick the Fierce 50-1
    Necker Island 50-1
    Winning Impression 50-1

    How to Win in Betting on Kentucky Derby

    Betting on Kentucky DerbyEvery player wants to win. This would serve as a guide to winning. There are chances that a Colorado player who places a wager of $50 of $100 can hit a win of the exact amount of the wager placed or more. These tips are meant to serve as an extra to the basic knowledge of sports or Kentucky Derby betting you should already have:

    • When Betting, Make Use Of Your Computer Or Mobile Device: Colorado players should always make use of their computers or mobile devices in placing wagers. This method is more suitable and stress-free. A player can also download the app of his preferred sportsbook.
    • Find A Program: Betting on the Kentucky Derby horse race from Colorado, bettors should find a program online. This might cost you a few bucks. However, with the program, you can begin to check our various statistics and learn about previous performance. Betting on a game blindly might cost you the wager.
    • Watch Some Races: Colorado bettors should take out time to watch some games. Statistics can be of help if you can wield its power. Over time, a player can discover certain trends that would help him make accurate predictions.
    • Always Gets Your Bets On Time: It is wrong to assume that you would have a chance to place your wager in the last minutes, usually before post time. It is best to place your wager beforehand and better before the race commences. Colorado players can be lost in the excitement of the games forgetting to cross-check their bets. For instance, you don’t want to end up celebrating a $50 win when you did something different.
    • Play The Odds: Every Colorado player must know this. Once you have a picture of what you desire in your mind, then take a look at the odds and play them.
    • Play Party Games: Colorado players coming together with both friends and family to enjoy the game is beautiful. You can all collectively place wagers, and you can be certain that there would be a winner among you.
    • The Human Factor: There can’t be a great horse without a great trainer. So, while it looks like you are betting on the horse, don’t neglect the human factor. Horse Races are won by not just great horses but also great riders.

    Where to Watch Kentucky Derby Live in Colorado

    Horse Races With BonusesWatching the Kentucky Derby live is an awesome moment for all fans. Every Colorado player is set for the entertainment and fun the games bring. There are various ways you can watch the sport. However, watching amongst fans, friends, and families tops the list. These are some of the beautiful places in Colorado where you can watch the live match include:


    Denver has lots of beautiful places in Colorado. Some of these are the 54thirty rooftop, the Bar Car, TheBIgWonderful, Denver Union Station, Denver Mini Derby, Four Seasons Hotel, Julep Restaurant. ViewHouse Ballpark and others.

    • Englewood – the Englewood Tavern
    • Fort Collins – at the Sundance Steakhouse and Saloon
    • Highland Ranch
    • Centennial
    • Loveland – Loveland Aleworks
    • Arvada – SchoolHouse Kitchen and Libations
    • The Gold Room

    You can join the group in Colorado for an amazing time here.

    • Colorado Springs – Axe and the Oak Whiskey House

    This is another cool location in Colorado where you can enjoy the Kentucky Derby. You’d get to sip on Mint Juleps while actively watching the live game.

    • Kentucky Derby at Flying Horse

    Colorado Kentucky Derby Latest  News

    The world is beginning to tilt towards normalcy. Once again, Colorado players can resume previous activities before the shutdown due to the pandemic. Sports can now resume. Players in Colorado are aware there is a new normal; it is preferable compared to the shutdown period. Although virtual Kentucky derby betting could hold, no games were being played.

    The Kentucky Derby usually takes place in May. This year, due to the virus, it was put on hold. Now, there is a new date set for it. Every Colorado player should know that in September 2020, the Kentucky Derby CO betting sites would be seeing them once again. Every Colorado player should get ready for the Kentucky Derby.


    The Kentucky Derby betting in Colorado is an incredible experience that no fan wants to miss out on. Colorado players who plan on placing wagers can get a good guiding hand from this article. This Kentucky Derby betting guide in CO can be put into practice, and there are chances that most wagers would be converted to great wins, regardless of being a new member or seasoned player.

    Each player can decide where they intend to watch the live stream with other fans, friends, or family. Grab a drink and have an incredible gambling experience in the state of Colorado.

    Read more about legal optinos for online betting in Colorado:


    Is it legal to bet on the Kentucky Derby online in Colorado?
    Generally, online betting is not talked about in Colorado law. However, the state of Colorado has given licenses to about 10 entities that offer online gambling services. This makes it possible for players to bet on horse races from Colorado.
    When does the Kentucky Derby start?
    For Colorado players that are looking forward to placing wagers, the Kentucky Derby kicks off in May.
    What is the minimum bet at the Kentucky Derby?
    The minimum is dependent on what sports bet is considered. Daily double has a minimum of $1.
    What is the best site to place a bet on the Kentucky Derby in Colorado?
    Colorado players can place wagers via the following websites; DraftKings, FanDuel, Bet365, William Hill, MGM Sportsbook, BetRivers, and many others.

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