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Bet365 Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code

Published: Nov 13, 2020 Updated: Dec 28, 2021


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Bet 365 Sportbook
Bet 365 Sportbook Live
Bet 365 Sportbook Live Betting
Bet 365 Sportbook
Bet 365 Sportbook Live
Bet 365 Sportbook Live Betting

Bet365 is a world-renowned sportsbook betting company. It is arguably the biggest and most successful of its kind. It has been in operation since 2000 and has a strong presence for online gamblers too. It was founded by Denise Coates and is also run by her alongside her brother John.

bet365 sportbookIt has not been as successful in the US, however. US sportsbooks have been illegal for a while, with several legislatures in place to that effect. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992 is an example. PASPA (or the Bradley Act)was a law that effectively outlawed sports betting. It was overturned by the supreme court in May of 2018. Seeing that these laws have been overturned quite recently, the stage is truly set for the US betting scene to be truly great.

The state of Colorado has joined some other US states to legalize sports betting, and online sportsbooks are now welcome within the Centennial State. Bet365 has moved swiftly and partnered with Century Casinos. This will enable them to provide bet365 sportsbook sports betting legally within Colorado. This bet365 Sportsbook online review will let you know is Bet365 legit in Colorado and everything you need to know about it.

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    Colorado Bet365 Sportsbook Bonuses and Promotions

    Gamblers interested in betting at bet365 will be eager to know all the bonus options available at bet365 sportsbook sports betting sites. And the truth of the matter is that they will not be let down. Bet365 is already operative in the state of New Jersey. We can speculate the kinds of bonus offers on ground for Colorado sports betting online. The Colorado promo codes bet365 sportsbook required for bonus offers are also important.


    Bet365 offers a very attractive new player welcome bonus. This welcome bonus offers to match first deposits of new signups by 100% in “free credits” up to $100. This bonus is actually a risk-free first bet. It is activated when you stake with your deposit. Win or lose, your deposit is returned to you as a bonus.

    This bonus offer does not require any bonus code. Simply sign up on the Colorado bet365 sportsbook app or site, make your deposit, and play games risk-free.


    Bet365 was a pioneer in the ‘early payout’ market, amongst other sportsbooks. You may decide to place bets on certain sports such as the NFL, Soccer, NBA, or NHL, deciding the winner of the game. Your preferred team on the moneyline bet may take the lead at a point in the game. In the early payout offer, once this lead is large enough, you get your payout regardless of what happens later on in the game. These leads are given certain margins depending on the sport before the offer can be activated.

    Apart from moneyline bets, you can also receive promotions on parlays as well. These bonuses come in percentages of your proposed bet. The percentage increases as the number of selections on your bet slip increases and decreases as the number of selections on the bet slip decrease as well. This is a very tempting offer and may ruin your chances of a win if you are not careful. This is because higher odds are less likely to happen. However, they do increase your winnings on smaller odds.

    Another offer is the ‘No Score Draw Offer,’ which is available on sports markets worldwide. Sports markets like soccer return your money back to you if there are no goals in the game.

    Similar to the ‘No Score Draw Offer’ is the ‘Extra Time, Extra Chance’ special feature. This is specific to rugby games. This offer keeps the bet alive even if the game is completed and has moved on to extra time.

    These offers do not require a promo code. Signing up to a Colorado bet365 sportsbook app or site and playing the games as dictated will suffice.

    Loyalty Program

    Like any reputable online betting sportsbook, bet365 offers loyalty programs for its customers. Just like promotions, loyalty programs seek to reward loyalty from its existing customers through some truly amazing incentives. The loyalty program makes use of coins and levels. The Bet365 player’s club has several levels. The levels require some amount of coins to be activated and also to maintain one’s status at that level. These coins are awarded based on gambling activity. Each level has its requirements and also comes with exciting rewards.

    Bet365 Sportsbook CO Sports Betting Menu

    Bet365 Available Sports to Wager On in Colorado

    Bet365 is known particularly for its range of betting options. Not only are there many sports to dive into, but there is also a slew of detailed betting options within each sport.

    Some of the sports they are known to have on offer include:

    • Bowling
    • Football (NFL)
    • Basketball (NBA)
    • Darts
    • Auto racing
    • Mixed Martial arts (UFC)
    • Cycling
    • Aussie Rules Football
    • Boxing
    • Hockey (NHL)
    • Soccer
    • Golf
    • Rugby
    • Skiing and snowboarding
    • Cricket
    • Olympics
    • Tennis
    • Lacrosse
    • Track and field
    • Baseball (MLB)
    • Rowing
    • Softball
    • Olympics
    • Sailing

    These selections are going to be available on the local, national, and global levels for Colorado sports bettors.

    Betting Types for Colorado Bet365 Sportsbook

    The types of bets that can be placed on sportsbooks are pretty much the same. A simple understanding of these betting options is essential to be able to place wagers on events. It is also important if you want to be able to cash in on several promotions available on some specific types of bets.

    • Moneyline: In this type of bet, the objective is very simple – bet on who you think would win. The odds for each team or individual are an indicator of which outcome is likely to win. Bet365 sportsbook odds in Colorado are as good as an where else. These moneyline bets on Bet365 CO sportsbooks have ‘early payout’ features attached to them. This feature guarantees payout on certain winning margins by your preferred selection even before the game is over.
    • Totals: This type of bet is done on the scores for the games. You get to choose what you anticipate the total scores for the game to be. There are ‘over’ and ‘under’ options for each predicted scoreline, with each having its own odds.
    • Parlays: This is a bet type where you can have multiple selections in your bet slip. The total selections will have their individual odds crunched together. This will create a new single odd for the parlay. The more selections in a parlay, the higher the resulting odds will be. Colorado bet365 sportsbook has a promotional offer that also increases the expected payout for every increase in the number of selections.
    • Props: These are what you could call accessories to the major bet types. Props are the bets on specific events within a game. Like the possibility of a player scoring, or bets on several periods of games.
    • Futures: These are long-term bets. They are the most final and grand types of bets that one could place in any sport. For instance, a future bet could involve placing a wager on who you expect would win an entire season or competition even before the competition or season starts.
    • In-Game Live Betting: These types of bets are very dynamic and interesting. They are advantageous for the true fans of any game. They are bets that can be placed on events even while the game is already in play. You would have to be, though, as the odds change quickly. It goes without saying that live bets require attention both to the game and to the changing odds.

    CO Bet365 Sportsbook Ease of Access

    Bet365 Mobile

    bet365-mobile-app-The world is getting increasingly mobile. Recent statistics point to most of the internet activities being carried out on mobile devices. The gambling industry is no different. And top gambling and casino operators made it their priority nowadays to provide their online services to all types of devices and software.

    With the advent of novel web development techniques like Responsive Web Design (RWD), this has become a norm. In fact, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) stipulates this as the required method for reputable websites. RWD gives the sites the ability to scale across several types of screen resolutions depending on the device. This way, betting companies like bet365 have their sites available on all platforms like mobile, desktop, tablets, and iPads. It is also available on all kinds of software, be it Android or iOS.

    Bet365 sportsbooks will also be available to Colorado gamblers through their mobile application. Their mobile app is available for all software types. The bet365 Android app on PlayStore, and for iOS on the app store.

    Bet365 Banking Options

    The safety of banking transactions online is paramount. The ports to make a deposit or withdrawal must be safe. Because of this, any serious bettor knows that a review of the banking options for any sportsbook is important. Our CO Bet365 review of their banking methods shows that they have safe transaction options for players. Some of these methods that will be available to Colorado gamblers are popular and known to be trustworthy. They include:

    • PayPal
    • Bet365 MasterCard
    • Skrill
    • PayNearMe
    • PaySafeCard
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Internet Banking

    Latest News in Colorado

    After sports betting was finally made legal again in 2018, a handful of US states opened their borders to sportsbooks. The best online betting sites flooded into several US states. All sorts of sports and even college football lines are available in several states.

    Colorado launched its sports betting industry by legalizing it on the first of May, 2020. Several legal sports betting sites have since been operational in the Centennial State. FanDuel, DraftKings, and others are some bet365 rival sportsbooks already present in the state.

    Bet365 has, however, partnered with Century Casinos for licensing rights to be able to provide their services in the state. And in the nearest future Bet365 online betting will be available in Colorado.

    However, in Colorado, you must be within the state to be able to place wagers on sports events. Websites require GPS to be turned on to this effect.


    Bet365 is one of the most successful sportsbooks all over the world. They have also started plying their trade in New Jersey and have been successful as well. This company is a serial winner, and the track record indicates imminent success in the state of Colorado as well. This success is largely due to customer satisfaction. Once this sportsbook comes to the Centennial state, any wise bettor knows to utilize their websites and mobile application.

    Therefore, we highly recommend that you play on the bet365 CO sportsbook once you are within the state. Carefully utilizing the bonuses and promotions would see you walk away with handsome returns.

    Choosing the right sportsbook is a complicated process that requires you to check different platforms before you start playing. Fortunately, we prepared all information in our reviews, so it is highly recommended to read these articles to learn more about other websites in the US (CO) and pick up the best one:


    Is bet365 online sportsbook legal in Colorado?
    Sports betting as a whole is legal in Colorado as long as you are placing bets while physically present in the state. With the completion of their deal with Century Casinos, bet365 is also legal for sports betting online in the state of Colorado.
    Who can play at bet365 in Colorado?
    The legal betting age in the US and Colorado is 21+. Once you are above that age, and within the state, then you are free to play at bet365 in Colorado.
    Does bet365 charge fees in Colorado?
    While betting on any bet365 platform, all you need is your bet amount. You will not be charged any extra fees.
    Are bet365 winnings taxed in Colorado?
    There are both state and federal laws concerning the taxing of big wins from gambling. When you win big at bet365 in Colorado, this will be no exception, and you should expect to be taxed. The mobile sportsbook operator will send you a W-2G form if your winnings go past the threshold.
    How long does it take to withdraw from the bet365 Sportsbook in Colorado?
    Bet365 generally has a 24-hour withdrawal policy. This means that 24 hours after your withdrawal request is placed, you should expect your money to be deposited in your account.

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