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Monkey Knife Fight: The Best Real Money Betting Site in Colorado

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Daily fantasy sports are getting popular day by day. You can witness steady growth in the sports wagering sites that have provided sports fans to indulge in healthy gambling on their favorite sports. Throughout the country, there are plenty of fantasy sports websites that can be used to wager on different sports. Colorado is incredibly crazy about its sports events; hence, the state has many DFS sites that you can wager on. Among all the top DFS betting sites in CO, Monkey Knife Fight is one of the popular ones that has made a credible name in the market within a short span. It is a popular game platform that enables sports fans to wager on sports for real money.

Monkey Knife Fight is a famous daily fantasy sports company that was launched back in 2018. This DFS site is available in 31 different US states that makes it one of the popular platforms in CO. To know more; you can visit Monkey Knife Fight directly in Colorado. This platform has really strengthened the daily fantasy sports betting in Colorado with its widespread use. Suppose you are intrigued by the concept of DFS. In that case, this CO Monkey Knife Fight online review will help you get all the nitty-gritty details of this amazing platform. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Play on DFS Sites In the State of Colorado?

To make the most of the real money betting sites in Colorado, you need to learn how to bet on DFS sites; it is the primary thing to learn before you invest in Monkey Knife Fight DFS betting in Colorado. Playing on these wagering sites is pretty easy. First, you need to sign up at your desired platform and deposit a certain amount of money to wager. The sites have a wallet that facilitates deposits from different payment methods. Now, you need to choose a sport you need to wager on, for instance, NFL season. Choose a tournament that is going to happen soon. There is a salary cap set by the site within which you need to draft a team according to the players’ statistics. Once you have drafted the team, you need to take part in salary cap-based contests that where you need to bet. So, when the match goes live, you will compile points based on the players’ performance. This way, DFS becomes a game allowing playing against other people. There’s a leaderboard in the contest that decides the cash prize for the players. At the end of the match, the leaderboard decides the winnings of the players. That’s how you start earning real money from DFS sites.

Monkey Knife Fight Bonuses Types

Believe it or not, bonuses and promotions are the best part of any gambling site, and DFS websites are no different. Each of the DFS betting sites offers a range of bonuses and promotions to its players in order to enhance their gaming experience on the platform. Similarly. Monkey Knife Fight offers bonuses to its players to provide them with the best experience at the site.

  • Deposit Bonus: It is the most popular bonus at this site. It is a 1005 deposit bonus of up to $50; it also gives you a free bet. For instance, if you deposit $50, you will receive $50, so you can bet for $100 in total. You need to make a deposit using the Monkey Knife Fight promo code in CO for this deposit bonus. This way, you can bet on your favorite sports with more money in hand. The deposit bonus is available for all those who sign up at the platform for the first time.
  • Referral Bonus: It is an exciting bonus that almost every gambling site offers today. At MFK, you will get a referral bonus of $10 for every referral. You will be given a Monkey Knife Fight promo code in CO, and when your friends make a sign up using that code, you will instantly receive the referral bonus.
  • No Deposit Bonus: In the deposit bonus, you need to make some deposits in order to avail of the bonus. With a no-deposit offer, evidently, there are no such limitations. Every new sign-up will receive a bonus of $5 without any deposit. It certainly adds up to your wagering experience.
  • Free Game Bonus: This is a unique bonus that will help you play better and wager more on sports. When you deposit any amount to the platform, you will instantly receive a $10 free game. This kind of game deposit can be used to take part in any contest.

What are The Special Offers and Promotions at MKF?

Apart from the new sign-ups, Monkey Knife Fight has a unique promotion for its existing customers as well. MKF Dollars is the reward program for this platform’s loyal customers that was earlier known as the promotional funds. These are not cash rewards per se; you need to use them within the platform only. It is meant to back up your bet. You can earn these rewards against your football props and other fantasy games. MFK Dollars can be used in the place of cash; it’s just that you can withdraw others. These rewards are credited into your account as soon as you start playing more contests. Another interesting point about MFK Dollars is that you can also reclaim them when you don’t use them for more than three months. It is important to note that MFK Dollars are eligible for players per account. If a player tries to create multiple accounts, the MFK Dollars will be invalid in all the accounts.

Different Sports That You Get To Wager At MKF?

  • National Football League: NFL is the most popular sport to wager on. As MKF is a PPR site, you will receive a great fantasy point per reception. Above the fantasy stats, players will also receive return touchdowns. With respect to turnovers, a fumble is considered -2, and an interception is -1.
  • Major League of Basketball: The state is pretty crazy about the MLB season; hence, MKF is one of the best online sportsbooks for DFS bets in Colorado. MLB has quite a straightforward scoring; singles will be five, and double will be ten. You will receive five points for RBI walk, SB, and HBP. In the case of pitchers, the runner is -1, whereas the earned run is -3.
  • Women’s National Basketball Association: It has the most efficient scoring that the betters like. A missed field goal and missed free throw will be -0.25. Turnovers here are -0.5, where there are more chances of losing points. While the scoring is not at par with the general NBA Fantasy Scoring Standards, it is two points per block and steals. You can also get a bonus on three points, double-double, and triple-double bonus.
  • Golf: Golf leagues are much less than the other major tournaments in the state of Colorado, but you will get to see simple and straightforward scoring. It is a rapid tournament where the scores are for or against. In the end, players with the lowest score will have the winnings.
  • Soccer: Another interesting game that you can bet on at MKF is soccer. You can get power-play points and shorthanded points as well. It has become a great way to mount up the scores in no time. There are shutout bonuses for the goalies.
  • NASCAR: National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is an America-based company that facilitates stock car racing. There are plenty of NASCAR tournaments that you can wager on. While people are slowly losing their interest in NASCAR, fantasy games are keeping it alive by offering betting opportunities.
  • League of Legends: Esports are becoming a great deal in the wagering market. League of Legends is the biggest esports that is up for wagering. It is a battle royale game that is globally popular.

Contest Choices That You Get At MKF

  • Over/Under: Each player from different sports is aligned at MKF with respective fantasy points. You have to choose at least three players who can cross the set point. There are three different tiers of prizes according to the difficulty of the match.
  • Rapid Fire: It is a popular DFS contest that has been around in the market since the inception of the fantasy sports world. It allows you to select a combination of players with each other. For instance, two players are competing against each other, and you need to bet on who finishes first or who will score more.
  • Fantasy Challenge: If you are looking to mount up your fantasy points, you must start looking towards the fantasy challenge. In this, you need to select three players who will help you in compiling the points to overscore the set points by the site. There are three different tiers of prizes available for you, and you need to choose the prize before submitting the goal.
  • Hail Mary: These contests are meant for those who want to play in smaller prize pools. This contest welcomes lesser entries that way increases the winning chances.
  • Reception Connection: It is based on the performance of players with respect to their salary cap. The better will be rewarded with fantasy points per reception for the good performance showcased by the player.
  • Rush Hour: Rush Hour is a contest that is played amidst the live game. It is the most exciting contest in the DFS market that everybody prefers. It has great prize pools that increase the interests of players.
  • Go Long: This type of contest is specifically made for season-long tournaments. It is generally created for the NFL and NBA tournaments.

What About the Monkey Knife Fight App?

Another interesting thing about this site is that you don’t need to download any particular app in order to relish the mobile experience. The developers have made the mobile web browser version extremely intuitive and compatible with mobile browsing. It has clean navigation that gives the experience of playing on a desktop.

Banking Methods

Depositing and withdrawing money at Monkey Knife Fight is pretty streamlined. You can deposit your money through debit/credit card, accepting Visa, Mastercard, and Discovery. The minimum deposit limit is $10, and the maximum is $1000 a day. You can withdraw a minimum of $20 from the site. You need to put in withdrawal respect, after which your winning will be cash out within five business days. For withdrawing, you need to validate your social security number and mailing address.

Customer Support

You will receive complete customer support at MKF. The primary point of interaction is an email that has a quick response time. A detailed FAQ page on the site includes all the information one needs, ranging from rules, banking methods to prize pools.

The Bottom Line

Monkey Knife Fight is a legal and safe DFS site that you can use to bet on Colorado’s sports. It is more like a prop game that is a mixture of sports betting and DFS. Just like its name, Monkey Knife Fight is a unique prop game in the market that you can trust. There are plenty of reasons to choose MKF over the others, from bonuses to a myriad of contests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Money Knife Fight legal in Colorado?

This DFS site is legal in the state of Colorado apart from the 30 other states. You can bet on favorite sports on this site with ease.

What is the minimum age required to play on the Monkey Knife Fight site in Colorado?

Colorado has legalized this site, but you have been at least 21 years old in order to start wagering on DFS sites in Colorado. You might find some offshore sites that allow wagering below 21 years, but it is a legal offense, and you must not get into it.

Is there an iOS app on Monkey Knife Fight?

You cannot find CO Monkey Knife Fight Android app or iOS app; the developers have enriched the website's mobile experience for those who want to play on their phone. We have to wait a bit longer to get a dedicated app for this site.

Can I play for free on Monkey Knife Fight in CO?

Yes, the site offers free bets for the new sign-ups. For this, you need first to make a deposit to avail this bonus of free bet.

How can I withdraw my winnings from Monkey Knife Fight in Colorado?

Withdrawing your winnings is super easy at this site. There are two options, you can either get a regular check or an eCheck. The latter is the most preferred one that takes up to 1-3 business days after your withdrawal request. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20, so you can anytime you want.
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