Everything About Colorado EPL Sports Betting Online

Published: Nov 13, 2020 Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Colorado EPL Sports Betting Online

English Premier League is a great football championship that is hugely famous in the US. Not only do people love watching the EPL season, but they are also keen to wager on it as well. Sports betting is legal across many US states that have further popularized the wagering on EPL tournaments. Among all the US states that have legalized sports betting, Colorado is popular for EPL betting. There is plenty of real money betting sites in Colorado that are facilitating the wagering services for the players.

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    Best Colorado Online Sports Betting Sites

    Draftkings DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

    Draftkings DFS Betting Review & Promo Code


    FanDuel DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

    FanDuel DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

    BetMGM Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code

    BetMGM Sportsbook Review & Bonus Code



    The state is brimmed with soccer fans who are interested in wagering on their favorite teams and players. With the help of legal sports betting in CO, players can now have it all. There are different wagering options that you can enjoy, and plenty of sportsbooks are providing bonuses and promotions to make the ride worthwhile for the players. Colorado is also the 19th US state to legalize sports wagering in its jurisdiction. Among all the other sports, EPL is by far the most preferred event for the wagerers.

    From the top-rated sportsbooks to the betting types, you need to explore a lot of things regarding CO EPL betting. This online review is all you need to grab the scattered information in one place. If you are eager to invest your money in your favorite EPL tournaments, Colorado online sports betting sites are the best place to start with.

    Best Colorado Online Sports Betting Sites You Can Trust

    It is the sportsbooks that further strengthens the gambling industry in the state of Colorado. You need to pick the right sportsbook that can provide you with all the benefits and features. To further ease your hassle, we have provided you with a list of the best sportsbooks in the state that you always rely on.


    A name that doesn’t need any introduction in the DFS market, Draftkings, is one of the best websites for wagering on sports. Welcoming all the new players with a whopping sign-up bonus of up to $1,025, DraftKings has done a fabulous job in treating the players. The bonus includes a $25 fee deposit bonus, up to a $500 deposit bonus, and a $500 worth free bet. What more can you ask for?


    Online Sports Betting Sites In ColoradoYet another popular sportsbook that has plenty to offer to the players is FanDuel. All the new entrants are eligible for the risk-free bet of $1000. No code is needed to avail of this free bet. Along with the amount you deposit for the first bet, you will avail $1000 that you need to wager within 30 days.


    BetMGM is a popular sportsbook that has been offering wagering services on plenty of sports. You can also wager on the EPL tournaments as well. The sign-ups will receive an amazing 100% deposit bonus of up to $500 (use the promo code PLAYBONUS). Along with that, you will get a free $10 weekly bet. Isn’t that amazing? BetMGM knows the right way to treat its players with offers.


    PointsbetWithin a short span of time, this sportsbook has received ample recognition among the wagerers. All the new sign-ups at the platform are eligible to avail of free bets of up to $250 against the deposit match. There’s a pattern for bonuses: deposit $50 for $150 bonus, deposit $140 for $300 bonus, and deposit $250 for $500 bonus. Make sure to use promo code BONUSNOW while making the deposits.

    William Hill

    William Hill has remained a prominent name in the gambling industry for 85 years. Recently, it made its way into the sports wagering industry. There is a 100% welcome bonus of up to $150. Apart from that, you will receive a cash bonus of $10 on the registration. William Hill is best known for its world-class reputation, and you can always trust this sportsbook.


    Caesars CasinoSince its inception, a name that is ruling the gambling industry, Caesars is a name that defines gambling in the US. Caesars has also entered into sports wagering and has been catering to the needs of wagerers online. The new users who sign up at the platform will receive an amazing bonus of up to $300. The platform is highly rewarding and has an array of sports events to bet on.

    Golden Nugget

    Yet another land-based gambling platform that has made its way into online wagering is Golden Nugget. It is a premium wagering platform where you can exercise your skills. After signing up at the platform for the first time, you will receive a risk-free bet of up to $100. You don’t need any bonus code to create an account and avail of the bonus.


    Colorado EPL Sports Betting OnlineSugarHouse sportsbook has been dominating the sportsbook industry for quite a while. It has got everything that a wagerer would look into a sportsbook. The welcome bonus is worth $250 that you can avail of making the first deposit. You can use this bonus to increase your wagering amount. SugarHouse is a favored choice for many professionals.

    All these wagering sites have their dedicated app that you can use to wager on the go. Each offers loyalty programs for loyal players and weekly promotions to pump up the excitement.

    Types of Bets for Colorado EPL Wagering

    Here is the list of different wagering options that you can use on EPL tournaments. Make sure to pick the right one that can bring maximum gains to you-

    • Moneyline: It is the simplest type of bet that everyone likes for soccer betting in Colorado. Moneyline is a preferred choice for beginners. In this, you simply bet on a team who will win; no complications.
    • Proposition: Also known as props, you need to wager on the different possible scenarios in given math. It can be based on either players or the entire team.
    • Points Spread: It is also a popular wager type where each team is allotted a certain point total by the sportsbook, which will be either added or subtracted to the final score that will factor the bet was lost or won.
    • Totals: It is quite a straightforward, wagering type. There will be a total score assigned by the sportsbook. You need to bet whether a certain team or player will score under or over that said point.
    • bettingFutures: As the name suggests, you need to bet on an event that is likely or not likely to happen in a match or tournament. It can be a challenging wager, and you need to be so sure.
    • Asian Handicap: It is a specific wager that is used in football wagering. In this, teams are given the tag of handicap according to their form that further increases the chances of well-performing teams.
    • Live Betting: You can use all the aforementioned bets in a live match that is what about live betting. The wagering starts when the match begins, and you can use any of the wagering options until the match ends.

    When to Bet on EPL in Colorado?

    There are plenty of instances that make the perfect time to bet on the EPL. Here are a few noteworthy times of the year-

    Champions League

    It is a football competition organized by the Union of European Football Association that involves a team from the European clubs. It is the most happening and much-awaited league in the EPL that calls for maximum amount wagers around the world.


    It is a German football league system that has fans around the world. Bundesliga is also a popular football tournament that you can wager on. There are 29 titles in the championship, so you can expect some exciting and interesting tournaments in this league.

    La Liga

    It is a prominent part of the EPL that is a division of the Spanish football system. It is a men’s professional football league that wagerers are always kept to wager on. It is always a hoard to become the best team in La Liga. It is one of the best EPL fragments that bring the wagers together.

    CO EPL Betting Tips

    EPL tournaments are famous in the sports betting industry. To wager on different platforms, you need to have the right tricks and strategies up your sleeve. Here are a few EPL wagering tips that can save your day-

    Always Check the Odds

    Odds are the major deciding factor that will always help you in making a good decision regarding your wagering. Almost every sportsbook will align odds on their platform that will give you a clear idea regarding the teams or players.

    Remain Updated

    Whether it is small news regarding the tournament or a big sensation, you need to keep track of all the happenings with respect to a particular tournament. All these details come in handy when you are deciding to wager on a team or player. You would not want to miss any opportunity when it comes to gaining maximum rewards. The injury reports also play a crucial role in understanding the condition of the players and their future performance.

    Choose the Bet Wisely

    The wager type should be selected according to the type of tournament. It is important to choose an option that can be high-yielding. If you want to play safe, you can go for the money line; in case you consider your wagering skills to be superior, you can go for points spread or futures.

    Players Statistics

    Just like odds, players’ statistics are also a great factor that can make things easier for you. The more you know about the player, the better you will be able to place the bet. Plenty of sportsbooks offer statistics, or you can visit the sports news website to update it. Either way, you need to avail yourself of the authentic information that will help you in choosing the right player to wager on.

    The Bottom Line

    EPL BettingCO EPL betting is alive and kicking in the state, and players are making the most of the Colorado online sports betting sites to enhance their wagering experience. The wagering sites are also increasing their services and offering to further drive wagerers to the site and increase the EPL betting in the state. In Colorado, soccer betting has always been popular; the state has plenty of soccer fanatics that have further amplified the sports wagering here. You just need to choose the right sportsbook platform for English Premier League betting in CO.

    The gambling industry is making advancements in sports wagering that have provided players with ample opportunities to stick to each platform. While the most significant decision is to choose the site, it is also essential to the right wager type in order to attain maximum gains. You need to do a complete analysis of the game and learn its nitty-gritty. Starting from the players’ statistics, game schedule to the minor injury reports and latest updates, you need to be aware of everything regarding the certain tournament to win big. Make sure to follow the tips to wager in order to get a clear understanding of the wagering.

    It is best advised to start with small bets as you would not want any chances with your money. Once you get the hang of gambling on the sport, you can further enhance your bets. Always follow the odds; it will always help you in shaping your wagering decisions. Never copy the crowd and make decisions on the basis of public opinions. Always do the research and make your point clear before staking your money on a team or player.

    This Colorado EPL betting guide was meant to show you the right path towards wagering in the state. Hope that you were able to get the gist of wagering on EPL tournaments and make your way into the industry.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it legal to bet on EPL online in Colorado?
    Yes, it is completely legal to bet on the EPL tournaments in the state. You need to find a licensed sportsbook within territories of the state of Colorado in order to wager legally. Also, you need to be at least 21 years old in order to start wagering.
    How does over/under work in EPL betting?
    It is the simplest form of bet you can place on the tournaments. The sportsbook will set a score for you to wager, and you need to predict whether a specific team or player will score over or under that set score. The said number should be either higher or lower than the number set by the sportsbook. A majority of bettors prefer this betting type over the other due to the ease of prediction.
    Can I bet on EPL with a mobile app in CO?
    Almost every sportsbook has its dedicated CO sports betting app that makes it easier for the better to place their wager. So, yes, you can use a mobile app. Make sure to use a sportsbook that has a dedicated app for its players. DraftKings, FanDuel, SugarHouse, PointsBet are some of the credible sportsbooks with their dedicated app for the players. You can choose any of them.
    What is the best team to bet on in EPL?
    There are plenty of factors that you need to consider before choosing a team to wager on. You need to take the past performance into consideration, the injury report, players' statistics, odds provided by the sportsbook, etc., to make a clear decision regarding a team. It is advised not to choose a team based on just favoritism among the crowd. Do not simply follow the crowd. Conduct your research and choose the best.

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