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How Does Sports Betting Work in Colorado: Information On Bet Types

All Colorado bettors were happy after hearing that legalization of sports betting has ultimately taken place. State regulators made this possible on 1st of May 2020, following which dozens of Colorado sports betting sites have come up. It should be such a good start within a short time that the state has already collected more than $3.4 million in revenue by December 2020. The revenue generated through betting has helped in benefiting Water Plan projects in Colorado. But many avid gamblers are still thinking how does sports betting work in Colorado? We would like to tell our aspirants that all the information regarding the same is included here. Take a look!

About Sports Betting

Sports betting is a way to predict the outcome of sports before the event takes place by placing a bet. The bet can be on sports, like football, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, etc. The outcome of the wager may or may not depend on the sports event.

How Does Sports Betting Work In Colorado?

In this US state, the launch of sports betting had opened doors for various sportsbooks. Experts say that more sites will come up in the future after the site gets licensed by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission. To start with sports betting, you must look for a licensed site.

Additionally, remember to have attained at least 21 years; otherwise, you are not eligible to place wagers. The Colorado structure of betting is similar to any other state, and once you have found the site, complete the registration process and check the sports you wish to bet on.

Before you start wagering, you must have enough funds in your gambling account. For the first time when you register, you will receive some bonuses, and ensure to use them. As you get ready with the funds, you can place the bet and wait for the results to appear.

 Types Of Wager Available in CO


It is made on a match or a sports event and the bet is who will be the winner of the event or on the points spread. But it is restricted to a single match only.


It is a series of wagers, and the winning amount can only be received when you win each one. Suppose you have wagered on five matches, so you have to win each one to get the reward. If you choose a parlay bet, you get a large payout, but the odds are big. The chance of winning is comparatively lesser in parlays compared to others.


Here, you can combine wagers from different games, and the points spread can also be adjusted accordingly. But the return that you receive after winning the bet is lower as getting a chance to adjust it.


It is the simplest bet as you are choosing the team that will win the match. If the team wins, you get the reward; otherwise, you lose.


Predict the combined score of both the teams to win this bet. The sportsbook will specify a number, and you have to predict whether the score will be lower or higher than this. Over is selected when the value will be more, and under when it is lesser. Therefore, the operator will take either under or over.

Straight Bets

It is on a single game carrying; a total, a point spread, or a money line.


Proposition bets or prop permits you to wager on as many events as you want. It can be specific to a particular event or an individual player.

How To Place A Sports Bet In CO?

Placing a wager in CO is simple, and for that, first, you should look for the type of bet. Secondly, check the sports and the wager you wish to place. Alongside that, verify the amount you have to invest and how much you will get in return. Once all the parameters are ticked, place the wager via a sportsbook.

How Much Should I Bet On Sports To Win?

Generally, it is said that bettors must wager more than 5% of their bankroll on a single bet. However, it depends on the sports bet and how confident you are. Experienced bettors who are sure of winning can go with high wagers. Additionally, some experts say bet only that amount that you can afford to lose. In short, it is a personal choice, and never bet more than what you can afford.

Is There Any Way To Win All The Time In Sports Betting?

There is no specific way to win all the bets in sports betting. But the more information you have about the sports event and the player, the more you can predict. Before you start betting, collect details about the previous performance of players, the weather status, if the player has suffered from any recent injury, etc. How many matches have they played from the start of the tournaments? All these things will have a significant effect on the bet that you will place. In this way, you can increase your chances of winning as many bets as possible.

The Ending Note

All the details regarding Colorado sports betting explained are here. Now you can look for a reliable sportsbook and get ready for the upcoming event. Once you start betting, you will come across many events to wager on. But remember to check the type of bet, on whom you are betting, and the proper amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on sports online in Colorado?

Yes, it is legal. The state authorities have sanctioned sports betting legal on 1st of May 2020, following which you can wager on the events. Look for a licensed sportsbook, and you can wager through it.

What is the easiest bet to win?

The easiest wager is over/under, money line, etc. However, the winning chances increase when you have collected information before placing a bet.

What is the most profitable betting strategy?

The most profitable strategy is to always be updated on the news reports about sports and how the players are practicing. Tracking every detail about the sportsperson will help in winning the wagers.

Is betting a skill or luck?

It is dependent on both skill and luck. In terms of skills, you should have some specific information like the previous and present data of players, and other things, the betting terminologies, etc. It is also dependent on luck because you cannot determine if you will win the bet before the outcome at times.

How do you bet parlays?

A parlay bet is where many wagers are combined into a single bet, and to win, you have to get all of them correct. If you have placed a wager on five and win four, you do not get the reward. Thus, it is always better to be careful while placing a parlay.
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